Tywardreath War Memorial & Roll of Honour

Tywardreath War Memorial

The following names are on the War Memorial which stands near the entrance gate to St Andrew's Church, Tywardreath.

World War - 1939-1945
Andrews, W.G.H.
Bailey, C.W.W.
Buck, J.
Busbridge, H.R.
Cundy, J.L.
Foster, W.T.
Freeman, F.W.
Keast, P.
Keat, T.
Rippon, G.
Stick, J.C.
Williams, R.

This Memorial Cross and Tablet are dedicated to the Glory of God and in grateful remembrance of the Forty One Parishioners of Tywardreath who gave their lives for their country in the Great War 1914 - 1919.
Barratt, A.
Barratt, G.
Bond, T.
Boxer, C.
Buscombe, M.C.
Buscombe, P.
Collins, R.
Crapp, A.
Crocker, P.
Curtis, R.
Curtis, G.
Freeman, H.F.
Ham, R.H.
Hancock, E.
Hawke, S.
Hawken, J.
Jenkins, J.C.
Johns, W.C.
Massey, W.
Misson, W.
Peggs, J.
Rice, F.G.
Rosevear, S.
Rundell, N.W.H.
Serls, G.
Squires, A.
Tamblyn, J.T.
Terrell, C.H.
Thom, G.W.
Trembeth, G.
Truscott, F.H.
Wigley, O.A.
Willcocks, S.


PoppySerjeant Albert Barratt R/5790, 2nd Bn King's Royal Rifle Corps. Died 27 June 1916 aged 35. Son of Mr William Henry & Mrs Eliza Jane Barrett, of Kilhallon. Next of kin: Brother Percy Barrett in Cape Town, SA. Name also shown on the memorial in St Mary's Church, Biscovey, Par.

PoppyGunner George Barratt 162786, 5th/4th Siege Artillery Reserve Brigade, Royal Garrison Artillery. Died aged 29 on 4 December 1918. Son of Henry & Eliza Jane Barratt; husband of Minnie Barratt, of 9, Mount Pleasant, St. Blazey.   Name also shown on the memorial in St Mary's Church, Biscovey, Par.

PoppyPrivate Thomas Bond SS/13894 Army Service Corps, 18th Labour Coy. He was on the troopship Royal Edward which was sunk by a German torpedo on 13th August 1915. Name also shown on the memorial at Tywardreath Highway & at St Mary's Church, Biscovey, Par.

PoppyLance Corporal Charles Boxer 14203, 3rd Battalion, Devonshire Regiment who died aged 30 on 31 December 1916. Son of William and Ellen Boxer at Delafosse, Par Green. He was invalided out of the army suffering from consumption, after being wound in France and contracting fever in Egypt. Buried 4 January 1917 at Tywardreath Churchyard

PoppyEngine Room Artificer 3rd Class William Tremain Boxer M/6011, HMS "Pheasant", Royal Navy who died age 25 on 1 March 1917. HMS Pheasant was lost with all hands (88) when mined West of the Orkney Isles whilst acting as a dispatch ship for the Grand Fleet. Son of Willam and Ellen Boxer, Par Green. Worked for GWR St Blazey

PoppyActing Corporal Montague Charles Buscombe 1445 & 200121 1st/4th Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry. Died 19 March 1919 age 24 at the family home on Tehidy Road, Tywardreath. His death is recorded as Influenza Pneumonia & Cardiac Failure. Son of Montague & Kate Buscombe of 19, West Park, St. Columb.

PoppyPrivate Thomas Percival Buscombe 30823, 2nd Bn, Devonshire Regiment who died age 20 on 31 July 1917. Son of Montague & Kate Buscombe of 19, West Park, St. Columb.

Poppy Rifleman John Simeon Case 652568, London Regiment 5706 (First Surrey Rifles) 21st Bn who died age 19 on 15 September 1916. Son of Mrs C Case of 11 Kilhallon, Par. Name also shown on the memorial in St Mary's Church, Biscovey, Par; also on the memorial at Tywardreath Highway.

PoppyLance-Corporal Reginald John Collin(g)s 266900, 1st Bucks Bn., Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry. The 4th son of Mr & Mrs F Collins of Tywardreath Highway who died of wounds received in action on 12th March age 21. Reported as being killed when a shell burst in a cellar where he was sitting with some others of his platoon. Name also on the memorial at Tywardreath Highway

PoppyPrivate Alfred Crapp 56302, 6th Labour Coy, Devonshire Regiment who died age 36 on 18 April 1917. He was born at Pelynt. Husband of Elizabeth Jane Trembeth Crapp (nee Olford), of Polkerris.

PoppyAirman 2nd Class Percy Crocker 36992, 30th Sqdn, Royal Flying Corps (Air Mechanic), who died age 35 on 11 June 1917. Husband of Beatrice Ellen Crocker (nee Vanson), of North Street, Tywardreath. Son of Joseph & M.E. Crocker. He was taken ill at El Amarah in Mesopotamia (Iraq). He had been with the force that recently reached Baghdad. Before joining the forces he was in the employment of the St Austell Rural District as water inspector for the Tywardreath & St Blazey area. He was organist at the Wesleyan Church and also superintendent at the Sunday School. A memorial to him is also in Well Street Chapel.

PoppyAble Seaman Richard Curtis148477, HMS "Monmouth", Royal Navy who died age 40 on 1 November 1914. Husband of Eliza Lily Curtis (nee Lamerton), of 110 Par Green. HMS Monmouth was sunk by gunfire on 1st November 1914 by the German armoured cruisers SMS Scharnhorst and SMS Gneisenau off the Chilean Coast during the battle of Coronel, the entire crew was lost. A native of Polperro he had joined the Navy at the age of 15. He had served on HMS's Lion, Buzzard and Phaeton; at the age of 28 he joined the coastguards, and was stationed at various places including Port Issac and Par. His name is also on the memorial at St Mary's Church, Biscovey.

Poppy Gunner Garfield Curtis 69726, 113th Heavy Bty, Royal Garrison Artillery who died age 21 on 28 May 1918 he was buried the same evening at Fronvillers. Son of Mrs Eliza Lily Curtis, of 110 Par Green. He was killed by a horse in the lines of the battery near battalion headquarters, causing a fracture of the skull, right temple region. He lived for about 30 minutes. HIs name is also on the memorial at St Mary's Church, Biscovey.

Poppy Private Harold Francis Freeman 99394 139th Bn, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)who died age 31 on 17 October 1917 Son of the Rev Frederick William & Georgiana Freeman of Fowey. He was employed at the GWR Locomotive & Carriage Department at St Blazey.

Poppy Private Thomas Green SS/13847, 18th Labour Coy, Army Service Corps who died age 38 whilst en route to Mudros on the Isle of Lemnos when the troopship Royal Edward was sunk by a German torpedo on 13th August 1915. Husband of Ada Florence Green of 21 North Street,Tywardreath. His name is also on memorials at St Mary's Chapel, Chapel Row, Par, St Mary's Church at Biscovey, and at Mount Pleasant Chapel (now resited at the Chapel of Rest in Station Road at St Blazey.)

PoppyStoker 1st Class Robert Henry Ham, HMS "Goliath" who died 13 May 1915 when the ship was sunk by the Turkish torpedo boat Muavenet with the loss of 570 men.

PoppyPrivate 95598 Edwin Hancock 160th Labour Company Royal Berkshire Regiment. Contracted Pulmonry Tuberculosis following Trench Fever and discharged 29 April 1918 as permanently unfit. Husband of Gertrude Hancock nee Gulley, residing at Eastcliffe Road, Par. Died 8 May 1919 and buried at Tywardreath Churchyard.

PoppyCorporal Richard Henry Harris 22886 10th Btn DCLI died 30 January 1918. Youngest son of Mr & Mrs Harris, Sycamore Farm, Medly, Helston and son-in-law of Mr F Collins, Tywardreath Highway. His name is also on the Tywardreath Highway memorial

PoppySecond Lieutenant Stanley Hawke Australian Flying Corps who died age 27 on 13 July 1918. Son of Henry and Sarah Jane Hawke, of 34, Par Green. Buried in St Andrew's Churchyard, Tywardreath. His name is also on the memorial at St Mary's Chapel, Chapel Row, Par

PoppyPrivate John Hawken 38765, 2nd/4th Bn., Royal Berkshire Regiment who died age 19 on 1 June 1918. Son of Walter Henry and Jane Hawken (nee Udy), of Polkerris.

PoppyJ.C. Jenkins. No confirmed information discovered

PoppyWilliam Charles Johns. Died 27 April 1917 his name is remembered on the Basra, Iraq Memorial.

PoppyPrivate Reginald Alexander Macintosh 16537, 7th Bn., Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry who died age 23 on 1 September 1916. Nephew of Miss Annie Job, of 3 Fore Street, Tywardreath and of Mr Job of Ranelagh Road, Mount Charles. He fell on the Somme. In March 1916 during a period of intense shelling by the Germans of the first line trenches a shell struck the parapet on the trench in which Macintosh and several of his company were on duty. The parapet was demolished and unfortunately one of the Company was buried up to his waist in sandbags and earth. Though exposed to rifle as well as shell fire Macintosh gallantly started to dig out his friend and they both came through the ordeal unscathed. He was recommended for recognition. In May 1920 Miss Annie Job, Fore Street as legal representative of Pte Reggie Macintosh who fell in France in 1916 received the 1914-15 Star to which he would have been entitled if he had survived. She also received 2 oak leaves in recognition of his having been mentioned in despatches.

PoppyStoker 2nd class Walter Percival Massey K/23338, HMS "Cumberland", Royal Navy who died age 20 on 26 July 1915. He died from typhoid fever & pneumonia. Son of Mrs Sarah Ellen Armstrong, of 3 Glenview, Par Lane, Par. Remembered at Bermuda Royal Navy Cemetery. His name is also on the memorial at St Mary's Church, Biscovey

PoppyPrivate Walter Misson SPTS/2506, 24th Bn., Royal Fusiliers who died on 31 July 1916. He joined the Sportsmen Battalion and was sent up during one of the great battles. He was initially reported as missing and then as killed. He was one of the accountants at the Beaver Mills on Par Harbour. Also remembered at St Mary's Church, Biscovey

PoppyPrivate James Pearce Paynter 34829, 11th Bn., Worcestershire Regiment who died age 36 on 30 March 1917. Husband of Ethel Hannah G. Paynter (nee Metmerrell), of 3 St George's Terrace, Stonehouse, Plymouth. Born at Little Par. Eldest son of James Paynter & Mrs Paynter formerly of The Gardens, Little Par.

PoppyJohn (Jack) Peggs PLY/1737/S Royal Marine Light Infantry, 1st Royal Marine Battalion Royal Naval Division who was wounded and presumed dead 23 March 1918. Son of Thomas Peggs, 2 Chapel Terrace, St Blazey. Name also shown on memorials at St Blazey Churchyard, St Mary's Church, Biscovey, Par, also at The Good Shepherd Church, Par Green.

PoppySapper Francis Gilbert Rice 560510, Royal Engineers who died age 29 on 06 November 1920 as a result of war service, buried in Fowey Cemetery. Son of William G & Clara Rice, Husband of Maud Rice

Poppy Gunner Edward George Richards 102115, "B" Bty 86th Bde, Royal Field Artillery who died age 34 on 01 August 1917 Son of Mr and Mrs G Richards, of "Chez-moi", Portscatho; husband of Mabel P Richards (nee Tregaskes), of "Trevene", Eastcliff Road, Par. Before the war he was the local postman for the Par district. His name is also on memorials at St Mary's Chapel, Pearces Row, Par, St Mary's Church, Biscovey, & The Church of the Good Shepherd, Par Green.

Poppy Private Stanley Rosevear 2691, "B" Coy 1st/5th Bn, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry who died of wounds age 21 on 8 December 1916. Son of John & Emma Rosevear, of Kilhallon. News was received from the War Office that Stanley had been gassed in France. Also remembered on memorials at St Mary's Church, Biscovey & Tywardreath Highway.

Poppy Mate Nicholas William Hitchins Rundell, SS "Galgorm Castle" (Belfast), Mercantile Marine who died age 57 on 27 February 1917. Son of the Nicholas and Mary Rundell; husband of Emma Jane Rundell (nee Lukes), of 12, Woodland Avenue, Tywardreath, he was born at Par. The "Galgorm Castle" was a 1,596 ton small ship, carrying a cargo of maize. Ten other crew members were lost at the same time. 90 miles West from Fastnet / Buenos Aires - Queenstown. Captured by submarine U.49 and shelled

PoppyPrivate George Ernest Serls 17025, 7th Bn., Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry who died age 21 on 16 September 1916 (killed in action). Son of Mr G & Mrs M Serls, of Stoneybridge, Tywardreath. His Battalion had been taking part in the Somme battle and he was posted missing since the opening of the many attacks that the battalion had taken part. He was one of the first victims of the gas attacks of the enemy in the early days when gas helmets were unknown. He was at home for a prolonged period before recovering from the effects of the poison and returned to the front. He worked at the GWR Locomotive & Carriage Department St Blazey.

PoppyPrivate Archie Squires 3/5275, 2nd Bn., Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry who died of wounds on 9 April 1915. Son of Mr H Squires, Tywardreath Highway. He went to the front soon after the outbreak of war, and was invalided home early in 1915 suffering effects of frost bite contracted in the trenches. Also remembered on Tywardreath Highway memorial.

PoppyPrivate John Thomas Tamblyn (or Tamblin) 18457, 1st Bn, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry who died age 21 on 23 July 1916. Son of Thomas and Mary Ann Tamblin, of 40 North Street, Tywardreath. He was born at St Neot. He worked with Mr Crago of Trevenna and he was a member of the local United Methodist Church and the Independent Order of Rechabites.

PoppyCharles H Terrell 710 Corporal of Horse, Household Cavalry & Cavalry of the Line. Name also on memorial in St Mary's Church, Biscovey, Par. Killed in Action on 12 October 1917.

PoppyEngine Room Artificer 1st Class George William Thom 268428, HMS "Lassoo", Royal Navy, who died age 46 on 13 August 1916. Son of Mrs Jessie Thom of Vicarage Road, Tywardreath. The destroyer HMS Lassoo was torpedoed by a German submarine off the Maas Lightship on 13 August 1916.

PoppyLieutenant George Trembeth Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Begonia, who died age 26 on 6 October 1917. Son of George & Maggie Trembeth, of Tywardreath. The ship went missing and was believed to have been torpedoed by a German submarine in the Atlantic.

PoppyPrivate Thomas Charles Triggs 28496, 10th Bn, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry who died on 25 March 1918. (Killed in action)

PoppyPrivate Frederick Herbert Truscott 17451, 7th Bn, Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) who died age 40 on 23 August 1918. Son of Charles & Fanny Truscott, of 14 Woodland Avenue, Tywardreath.

PoppyActing Bombardier Owen Andrew Wigley 128282, 235th Siege Bty, Royal Garrison Artillery who died age 19 on 8 June 1917. Name also on the war memorial in St Mary's Church, Biscovey, Par. The second son of Mr E J & Mrs E Wigley, of the Post Office, 6 Eastcliff Road, Par. He was a bugler of the Charlestown half battery of the local territorials RGA before the outbreak of war. Formerly a chorister at the church of the Good Shepherd, Par Green where his name is remembered, also at St Mary's Church, Biscovey

PoppySidney Herbert Willcocks M2/104202 Royal Army Service Corp, 619th Mechanical Transport Division. Died 10 November 1917, buried in Salonika, Greece. His name is also remembered at Par St Mary's Chapel.


PoppyW G H Andrews. No information available

PoppyEngine Room Artificer 3rd Class, Clifford William Wolfe Bailey HMS Courageous, died 17 September 1939 aged 25.

PoppyChief Stoker Leonard Russell Billing, D/K53319, HMS "Gould". Died 1st March 1944. Ship torpedoed.

PoppyLieutenant John Buck, Quartermaster Royal Marines, HMS Odyssey. Died 28 June 1944 aged 43. Son of John & Sarah ann Buck, husband of Edith R Buck of Par.

PoppyAble Seaman Harold Reginald Busbridge D/J109765, HMS "Implacable". Died 18 March 1945 aged 36. Son of George & Eliza Busbridge, husbandk of Eileen Busbridge.

PoppyCorporal Jack Lloyd Cundy, 573462 1st Battalion Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Regiment. Died 16 November 1944 aged 22.

PoppyR. Elliott No information available

PoppyWillisam Thomas Foster, Seaman LT JX 222817, HM Trawler La Nantaise, Royal Naval Patrol Service. Died 8 July 1945 age 36. Son of Thomas Benjamin & Elizabeth Mary Foster.

PoppyFrederick William Freeman, Home Guard 13th Cornwall Battalion (Bodmin). Died 10 October 1942 aged 42. Son of William Frederick & Annie Freeman, husband of Maude Adelaide Freeman of Tywardreath.

PoppySergeant OBS Percy Keast RAFR, 1250023. Died 24 July 1941 aged 24. Son of Percy & Florence Hilda Keast.

PoppyOrdinary Seaman Dennis Trevor Keat D/JX177454, HMS Repluse. Died 10 December 1941 aged 17. Son of Dennis George & Hilda Keat of Tywardreath

PoppyOrdinary Seaman George Henry Rippon C/JX219934 HMS Greyhound. Died 22 May 1941 aged 30. Son of Samuel & Mabel Rippon, husband of Cristine Rose Rippon of Par.

PoppyJ.C.Stick. No information available

PoppyLeading Aircraftman Ronald Williams, 1409283 of Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserved. Died 15 June 1945 aged 30. Son of Joseph & Jane Williams

PoppyEngine Room Artificer 5th Class William Ronald Rose D/MX. 62024 HMS Glorious. Died 8 June 1940 aged 21. Son of Pervy & Louisa Rose.

Roll of Honour

Displayed within St Andrew's Church is a memorial roll of those Parishioners of Tywardreath who served in World War I

Roll of Honour of Parishioners of Tywardreath who served in The Great War 1914-1918

The following link is to the Commonwealth Graves Commission website where searches by name can be made for those who fell during both World Wars