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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out when the website has been updated?
I send an email to the group when I have uploaded any significant changes.
What is an email group?
People with a common interest who can send messages to a single email address from which they are distributed to all the members of the group. An "email group" may also be referred to as a "forum", an "online forum" or a "discussion group".
When was this group started?
15 January 2001.
How is the group run?
Email groups can be run "in-house" or by using an external service. This group uses a free external service provided by Yahoo Groups.
Who runs it?
I do, Barbara Seed. In Yahoo's jargon I am the "owner" of the group.
Do all messages posted get seen by other group members?
Normally yes. Forums can have moderation turned on or off. When moderation is turned on messages are sent to the moderator first so that he or she can filter out any that seem unsuitable (eg in breach of copyright, off-topic or vindictive). This delays the posting of messages until the moderator has read them. When moderation is switched off, messages are posted immediately. (Moderation is currently OFF.)
How do I join?
Either use the box at the top of the page, or select "Join" and follow the on-screen instructions. (You may see the word "Subscribe" - this is jargon for "Join" but does not mean that money is payable.)
What if I change my email address, personal details or preferences?
There are two sorts of settings - those that relate to your personal membership of Yahoo, and those that relate to your membership of any particular Yahoo Group.
Your personal Yahoo settings can be amended using the "preferences" link
Separate delivery preferences for each of your Yahoo groups may be set using the "My Groups" link.
How do I receive messages from the group?
Your group preferences allow you to choose whether to have messages:
  • delivered as individual emails,
  • sent to you as a daily digest,
  • not sent, but you have access to the messages in the online archive.
  • There is also an "unsubscribe" option for each group (see next).
Which of these methods of delivery is best?
As the traffic in this group is currently very light I would suggest that you have all messages delivered as individual emails. You can always change this in the light of experience.
What if I get fed up with receiving the messages?
From the menu to the left select "Leave" and complete and send the email offered to you. Or use the "unsubscribe" option (see previous).
How do I post messages to the group?
From the menu to the left select "Post" and complete and send the email form offered to you.
I have joined the group - now what?
When you first join perhaps you would like to post a test message to say "Hi" and introduce yourself. We look forward to hearing from you.