Historical notes

The Vanishing Harbour

Once a tidal reach

Once a tidal reach

The once natural harbour with tidal fingers searching inland, up almost to where they built the Priory at Tywardreath, to St Blazey, through the marshy land to Treesmill, up the Polmear valley as far as Lower Lampetho.

Until the end of the 18th century the bay and harbour must have been wonderfully busy place, with fishing-boats and trading vessels tacking to and fro, seiners casting their nets in the creeks, the ferry being rowed back and forth from Little Par to the Sloop Inn on the Par shore.

The level of the bottom rose and the harbour which once had fifty or sixty feet of water at high tide became a drying waste of sand and shingle. In 1773 the tide still reached St Blazey Church, and even up to 1800 high water reached one mile north of Par.